The Pains of Infertility

The Pains Of Infertility

A dark time in my life

I can’t even count how many couples I’ve seen in the past two decades who’ve experienced infertility. The pains and disappointments of another month without a pregnancy, feeling like everyone else is easily getting pregnant, invasive tests and procedures, and dealing with insensitive comments by others such as, “When are you going to have a baby?” In fact, I was nearly shattered by infertility myself.

The Painful Effects of Infertility

If you are going through this struggle now or have in the past, please know that you are not alone and that I feel your pain.

Again and again, in my practice, I see that infertility can cause distance and resentment. Rather than turn toward each other during this trying time, couples too often disconnect, each lost in their own pain.

Even years later, many couples hold resentment for how their spouse or partner didn’t show up in the way they wanted during this incredibly difficult time in their lives.

How To Heal Your Relationship With Your Partner

If you need help processing this difficult time—whether it is happening now or occurred years prior— you may need a relationship repair, so you and your partner can move forward together with a clean slate.

Consider taking my online, self-paced course called “How To Heal.” As you go through the lessons, focus only on the time you struggled with infertility. (Ideally, you’d take the course with your partner, but if that’s not possible, you can still heal past hurts by going through these lessons on your own.)

If you would like further help, consider a two-day intensive couples therapy session with me. Click the button below to schedule a free discovery call. Let’s explore how we can set your relationship on a more hopeful, connected path.