Intensive Couples

For When It's Time to Make or Break Your Relationship

Intensive couples therapy isn’t for the faint of heart. These sessions involve hard work, honest work, and are designed for when you’re at the end of your relationship rope. 

Don’t get me wrong – we can accomplish a lot in a regular 90-minute session together. We can even do a full intervention on something big like managing finances or coordinating your parenting approach. 

But when it comes to a complete overhaul of your relationship – when there are MULTIPLE big-ticket items to work through – that’s where intensive couples therapy pays off. 

Intensives are intended for when you:

  • Are on the brink of divorce.
  • Have experienced a major trust break in your relationship (like infidelity).
  • Are carrying years and years of built-up conflict and hurt.

A lot of the time, couples therapy focuses on putting out the immediate fires of specific conflicts rather than addressing the underlying cause. 

With intensive marriage counseling, my goal isn’t to talk you through every fight you’ve ever had. Instead, I educate you on what I call the emotional dance you do with your partner, and how to do it differently. How to do it better.

What Is the Root Problem in Your Marriage?

Even in my 90-minute sessions with clients, I always work with you to discover the dance you and your partner do – the repeating patterns that have led to where you’re at in your relationship. This dance looks different for every couple, but some that might sound familiar are:

  • The more one partner angrily pursues, the more the other helplessly withdraws.
  • The more one partner criticizes, the more the other defends. 
  • The more one partner over-functions, the more the other under-functions.

With intensive couples counseling, I help you immediately address the upstream causes of pain in your relationship. I then give you the tools you need to transform your relationship, and the opportunity to practice them in real-time together. 

Experience the relief of finally being heard. 

Feel the hope that comes from moving towards a solution. 

See real change happen as you connect with your partner.

How Is Intensive Marriage Counseling Different?

young couple sits on floor of kitchen drinking wine and working on relationship

Intensive therapy is tailored specifically to your relationship and your experience. 

While you can make real progress in a 90-minute session, when it comes to being on the verge of divorce, weekly therapy usually can’t adequately unpack the struggles you’re facing.

Through a two-day intensive couples therapy session, you’ll gain the insight and tools it would otherwise take months of counseling to achieve. 

young couple sits on floor of kitchen drinking wine and working on relationship

To be clear, there’s still work to be done at home in the weeks and months after an intensive couples therapy session. Moving forward, though, you’ll have a firm grasp on the issues in your relationship, and will be able to work through them much more effectively. 

Intensive couples counseling sessions are booked as two full-day (12 hours) sessions. 

The time is entirely devoted to you – no one else is waiting for their turn after your session.

Investing Wholly pays off

The more you address at the beginning of therapy the better. By investing in the work of an intensive session, you’ll get the tools you need to make progress in your relationship right away. And every subsequent therapy session – intensive or not – will be more effective.  

The idea that investing more at the start makes a big difference in the long run might be something you’re already familiar with, only in financial terms. 

For example, if you made an initial investment of $1,000 (with an 8% rate of return) and let it mature over 20 years, you would end up with around $5,000.

If, on the other hand, you initially put in $5,000, with that same rate of return, in 20 years you’d have around $25,000.

Your relationship works on the same principle – the more work you put in up front, the bigger payoff you’ll see over time. 

Investing Wholly Pays Off

After Intensive Couples Therapy—Now What?

Ok. You’ve done the intensive counseling session, and you leave feeling optimistic and relieved. 

You feel hopeful – like there’s a brighter future within reach. 

But then you go home, and some of the glow might start to wear off. You realize it’s harder than you thought to change the patterns of your relationship while dealing with work … and kids … and dishes…. 

Many therapists who offer intensive marriage counseling don’t give you the option to follow up with them personally. 

Instead, you get referred to another therapist – one who hasn’t built a relationship with you – for ongoing sessions. You’re left needing to explain things all over again.

With me, you won’t need to worry about starting over with someone else at your most vulnerable point.

I make sure I’m available for follow-up sessions with all of the clients who do an intensive session with me. 

You’ll be able to keep the positive momentum going and start seeing real, meaningful change in your life. 

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