Skilled couples know this

Skilled Couples Know THIS

How to develop relationship skills

How the heck are we supposed to “just know” how to be part of a dynamic, connected couple? A couple that has a system to process disagreements and a system for how to support each other?

After all, most of us weren’t taught relationship skills at school. And many of us weren’t taught the best relationship skills at home, either. Society? Leadership? The media? Well, we certainly don’t learn great relationship tools from these places, either.

What Are Relationship Skills?

So here’s the thing:

  • While all couples can get into unhealthy relationship patterns…

only skilled couples know how to identify these patterns and change their interactions to healthier ones.

  • While all couples can fall into disharmony…

only skilled couples know how to quickly repair and come back into a state of harmony.

  • While all couples can get disconnected…

only skilled couples know how to easily reconnect and get back to true intimacy.

Resources To Develop Relationship Skills

For the past few months, I’ve been working on creating online video-based courses to help individuals and couples master these skills. And now these courses are ready for you!

I’m hoping you’ll take advantage of my resources, like this worksheet and my courses, to develop the skills that can help you thrive in your relationships.

Relationship Worksheet

This downloadable worksheet provides 4 steps to heal through validation by developing skills to distinguish what each step sounds like and what each step means during the healing process of the relationship.  

The basic steps to healing a relationship include:

  • Taking accountability
  • Expressing empathy
  • Demonstrating understanding
  • Showing appreciation

Take the steps you need to heal by following the guidelines in this worksheet. Click on the below button now to download the free worksheet:

Relationship Courses

I am passionate about Couples therapy and want to offer you the absolute best tools to support you in your relationship! Using these courses, I’ll guide you through the process of shifting away from unhealthy relationship patterns to rediscover joy with your partner.


This course will help you identify the relationship patterns that are causing conflict. Once you understand these patterns and where they come from, you’ll be ready to change how you’re interacting. I will show you exactly what you need to do to design a new, healthier, more vibrant relationship.

Course 2: ​HOW TO HEAL
This course will help you repair wounds that you relive again and again in your relationship. You’ll gain an understanding of why the triggers that upset you most recur again and again, and then I’ll guide you through a process that will help you leave the most damaging parts of your relationship in the past.

You’ll learn evidence-based techniques that you can use again and again to create a dynamic relationship full of joy and connection. If you’re healing from an affair, this course has a supplementary section just for you.