Services and Rates

Couple sitting at psychologist, family crisis therapy, marriage counseling

Two Types of Therapy Sessions

I offer a combination of 90-minute sessions as well as longer, more concentrated sessions – what I call Intensive Couples Therapy. 

Couples therapy, 90-minute session: $375

Intensive Couples Therapy: length and cost varies depending on your specific needs. A full-day session (six hours) costs $2,500 and a half day (three hours) is $1,250.

Most of my clients choose to meet with me online using a secure video conferencing platform.  If you live in Austin, TX and strongly prefer to meet with me in person, I’ll do my best to accommodate that as well. 

Intensive therapy sessions are typically in person, with the couple traveling to Austin, TX for a weekend. However, I’ve had clients choose to do intensive sessions online from around the US and even internationally – with terrific results! 

If you’re unsure which session type is right for you – or if you’re unsure about couples therapy in general – please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Send me a message telling me more about your relationship.